What Will You Do?


What will it take
for you to care
about the person
over there?

You know the one
he holds the sign;
will work for food,
he’s got the time.

Or the woman
who’s battered and bruised
so filled with shame
she can’t look at you.

The child at lunch
who sits alone,
if you only knew
what happens at home.

Before we judge
and ridicule
let’s ask ourselves,
what can we do?

A helping hand,
a gentle touch,
a kind word
will mean so much.
Deb Correia


2 thoughts on “What Will You Do?

  1. Thank you awakebaker for reblogging this poem. I hope in the season of giving it touches others so that they may want to reach out to another in the best possible way that they are able. I appreciate it!


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