As one who used to play tennis I can say that I know the kind of muscle fatigue that results from a couple hours of play. Yet mentally there was nothing like it. Win or lose the feel good endorphins that were released as a result of running down balls, volleying, trying to ace a serve, all good times.

So why the picture of the homefries and the bacon? To make a visual point. Preparing these items today to eat left my muscles feeling like I engaged in a couple of hours of tennis; weakened, fatigued muscles simply from standing at the stove cooking. However, there is no release of the feel good chemicals because there was no major activity. Yet Myasthenia Gravis left my body feeling as if there was. Game-Set-Match, defeated by an auto immune disorder that my body has yet to master.

Tennis is perhaps the activity I have missed the most. There has been a great deal of loss with MG, but maybe once we get the symptoms better managed I’ll be able to re-engage in some of those activities. Until then I’d be content to stand at a stove without any MG repercussions, but currently that seems to be far fetched. But I am holding onto hope.

Deb Correia 3/25/17 ©



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