Hey You!

Yes you! We are all the same. We have identical basic needs; toilet paper, wipes, disinfectant, food and water. However, those of you hoarding what the people need are in a sense saying your life and that of your family is more important than my family or other families out there. We are all the same. We would both feel loss if a loved one passed. We all need disinfectants to help prevent the spread of this virus. But we cannot because people have locked into their own small circle and have indicated to the rest of us – we mean nothing. You need those 10 cans of lysol and last case of wipes. Where has the compassion for your fellow human being gone?

Those of you who walk around acting as if self-isolation does not apply will learn that it DOES when you bring the virus home to a loved one. No one has indicated they are invincible, so I guess that would include you. Will you be able to look into the fearful eyes of your grandmother as the cough rattles through her and sucks the air right out of her. Suffering, waiting for an ambulance to pick her up and hopefully have a bed waiting for her.  Are you willing to put others at risk because you can? Because you think you’re invincible? Because you don’t get it or because you have all the answers? Help the rest of us understand.

We take pride in referring to the U.S. as being a Christian nation. I fail to see Christianity in behavior that excludes others. In times of crisis we should remember we come together as a people – as a country. That’s what we do. We do not take advantage of the vulnerable or ignore those in need. I have seen people come together during 9-11. People always come together helping one another after significant storms devastate communities. Why are we behaving as if this is Armageddon or Survival of the Fittest? Survivor Island?

This Covid-19 is the real deal reality show. Think of the person you love most on this planet; are you willing to risk losing them? Of course not and neither are the rest of us. Nevertheless, some of us are not given the same opportunity to protect because the Invincibles & Hoarders have denied many. It is not too late to change perceptions and stop harming others.

Kindness and compassion will go much further than selfishness and greed.

We can do better. Will we?

DlC 3/22/2020

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