Do Not Delete

The recent suicides of Parkland students Sydney Aiello, Calvin Desir, and father Jeremy Richman whose daughter Avielle was a victim of the Sandy Hook shootings, have weighed heavy upon my heart and thoughts.

I have to imagine these individuals experienced a pain that was locked down so tightly they saw no way out. They lost hope and were never able to reclaim it.

Technology is said to be a double-edged sword and in times of trouble that is still the case. My thoughts began running down this trail of how technology can fool us into believing we are connected when in actuality we couldn’t be more isolated.

Eyes – windows to the soul

unable to make contact

locked into screens

superficial conversations

while wounds explode within.

4g 5g high speed connections

seeking instant gratification

instead depleted sentiments

obscurred by photoshopped selfie’s

pain fragmented within the pixels.

Fingers tap hearts not keys

hearts eyes transform with empathy

disconnect the mechanical eye

reach out past the silent fray

delete is not a solution.


Please hold on

DlC 3/27/19 ©

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