Silent No More

For those who have had to battle doctors, hospitals and or insurance companies to get the help you need medically, only to be silenced with ego, disregarded or bullied by corporate greed, know you are not alone.

However, during this time of battle a crisis can occur. As a result of these crises one can develop post traumatic stress. This would not be uncommon.

The invasive treatments and therapies alone are enough to plunge someone into the pits of depression, trigger anxiety and sleepless nights. Yet, when people who are supposed to help you are creating walls to your care and those walls by way of delays lead to a crisis, these people have contributed to your trauma. You may find your next medical treatment, while not a crisis will create anxiety that you did not used to have.

Irritability regarding appointments, hesitation to follow through with care (because what if you are ignored or dismissed yet again), creating further anxiety and potential flashbacks of the last crisis.

We need not be silent any longer.

If you have complaints sound them out. File complaints to the appropriate people: hospital personnel, state reps, ombudsmen, appeals departments through your insurance. Editorials in your local paper.

We have a voice. We may be high utilizers of insurances, but we didn’t ask for our diseases and we do not deserve to be cast aside.

I’m not just a voice, I’m a patient with chronic illness who spent 3 weeks in the hospital due to a crisis I genuinely believe was spawned by my health insurance cutting me off over a paperwork error. An error, they knew, was not mine.

DlC ©3/19


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