My Tribe

Hello My Friends,

I’ve been searching for the past few months as to what direction my life should be going. If we are honestly looking to improve ourselves, or if we’ve experienced setbacks, we have come to hope there is more out there than what we are attracting to ourselves. In that, I still believe, serving others should always come into play.

As a child, I always wrote; Dear Diary, who remembers those little booklets with the not so fool proof locks? That was my first introduction into vulnerability when my diary was broken into by my little brother, cheerished, private thoughts exposed. Oh! The drama, the betrayal! It was a long, long time before I began sharing my thoughts again. Although I always wrote poetry and used that as a form of expression because what little brother is going to read poetry?

Now, I’ve been doing some reading, writing and it is time to declare myself as a writer. If I write it, declare it and claim it, well then I can live it and make it come to fruition.

The first thing I have to do is “find my tribe.” I guess in the music world you’re called groupies. I am calling all people who wish to be part of my tribe. Basically a tribe is a group of people who share the same interest and way to communicate. I am going to ask my tribe to follow me on my blog.

I need my tribe members to use 3 adjectives to describe me. Those adjectives should line up with how I write. They should be my voice. If they don’t then I’ve got to find my voice.

So I’m asking you all to take this journey with me. I mean you’re already on social media, so we’re halfway there!

Grab your coffee, Kahlua, or Corona and join me on this adventure.

Again – 3 adjectives that best describe me.

Thanks so much!

Deb Correia Β©’18


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