Our Prayers….

The beginning phrase to most comments related to the latest shooting at Sante Fe High. Yet another shooting, yet more deaths, yet more attacks on the gun industry.

The gun industry has always been alive & well. Let’s look at why people are so angry. These boys not only had guns, they made bombs. Realistically, you take away guns, there will be other ways to unleash the pent up anger.

Yet again we hear stories of the gun man being bullied. (A young man who never had gotten into trouble.) Why did no one step up, step in before it reached this point? Why do we still allow the continued harassment of children day after day, while everyone turns a blind eye and then is stunned when this child explodes?

Hold on, before you start verbally abusing me, because that’s what we do in this nation when we don’t agree; we berate, name call, wish death upon others – and that’s the adults. I am not saying these shooters are right in their choice of action. I am saying there are more sides and more people to be held accountable than the shooter and the maker of guns.

Everyone in schools know who the bullies are. Gather those bullies, put them in an auditorium and ask them in light of all the school shootings, how do we combat bullying in schools? Let’s create a model. Let’s bring it to the people who can promote change, the bulliers themselves.

How great would it be if these bulliers would each take a bullied person under their wing. Wouldn’t both parties feel less insecure. If we’re to be truthful, a bully is someone who is feeling insecure about him or herself and has found a weaker person to project upon.

Let’s start in the schools with the kids – at the source. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished – as opposed to all this blame and inaction – let’s take action now. Let’s stop the trauma that leads to death(s), leading to more trauma(s).

Deb Correia©5/’18


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