Have you noticed when you’re afraid of something, the longer you have to think about it, the bigger and more irrational it becomes in your mind? Good, I’m not alone.

I hate going to the doctors and have to wait on test results. My mind can go to the darkest of places. Ladies, we all know – the save the ta-ta’s test. And forget about it with the new improved technology. You will probably be called back for another view. Your mind is off to the races!

How about the dreaded public speaking? Our fears can run rampant and just snowball with this one. I don’t know about you, but picturing everyone naked – eh – I don’t see that as having a calming effect.

There’s also the palm sweating job interview. You know you’re qualified, but the what ifs have consumed you.

As the song goes Fear Is A Liar. I would encourage you all to check that out. You will also find a shoutout to God before moving forward may just fill you with peace. Don’t buy into the hype in your head.

Deb Correia



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