You’ve been there right? Knowing whatever you do beyond your in-house routine is going to set you back. But then you reach a mental point and say to yourself, “so what,” because when you think about it, your in-house routine has not changed. So you do it! You go and spend time with a friend you haven’t seen in months, and it’s good. It’s good to see her smile. You go to your Spiritual Experience and get your Jesus Juice and see friends there, brief heart to heart encounters. Or you spend time with your sweet friend at the beach – you spend hours, longer than you know you should because it’s emotionally freeing; laughter, ocean waves,cool breezes,fireworks,firepits, and random conversations with people you love.

You will deal with increased pain, fatigue and muscle weakness because prior to the moments that fed the soul, You were still dealing with pain, fatigue and weakness that was trying to bleed the soul.

Please understand that for every 25 “no’s” received for an invite to hangout – it lays heavy – please keep asking because there is always a “YES” in there trying to come out. 

Deb Correia 8/21/17


(They call this chronic illness – Myasthenia Gravis)


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