Where Was the Media?

Delnor NurseI recently read about this horrific story on the LinkedIn site. Such an obscure place for a story such as this.


Where was the main stream media when this occurred? Were they protecting the hospital? Were they protecting the prison? When I listened to Kevin’s video, the one outlet that did report on the story reported that the nurse was fine.

WoW! Such blatant mistruth. This nurse, the front line worker to helping others, serving others in their time of need was far from fine after 4 hours in the hands of a monster being tortured and raped.

The word is that once the guard lost his gun to this inmate he went and hid. Ok, I imagine there is shame among other things when you lose your weapon to a prisoner, but at least go get some help!!!

Originally there were 2 nurses captive, and the head nurse talked the prisoner into letting the other nurse go. Yes she is a hero, a shero! The head nurse was not even supposed to be on duty that day. She went in because they were short staffed, because she cares.

There are two things we can do to help here. We can send the Delnor nurse a letter or card of support and we can demand change for our frontline workers. They deserve to be safe on the job. Health 3.0 Movement. (Click on Delnor Nurse to get more info).They didn’t sign on to go to Afghanistan. They signed on to help others and there shouldn’t be repercussions when they report violence. #silentnomore

Read and listen to Dr. Kevin’s article. We need to help. There needs to be change. Click on Delnor Nurse above to hear the story.

Thank you Kevin for making us aware of an atrocity in our own land that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

And to the Delnor Nurse, thank you for your bravery and courage. You are a hero. A Shero! And you are not alone.

To write to the nurse:

Delnor Nurse

PO Box 394

Sycamore IL 60178


Health 3.0 Movement

Deb Correia 3/12/17 ©


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