Did You Find A Way?

Leaning like the weaping willow

hanging heavy

unsure how to proceed

do you venture out

getting scratched by thorns

along the way,

burrs catching on your clothing,

Or do you feel you are in a field

amongst the dancing sunflowers?

Are you warm and at peace

like the morning sun

rising over the ocean waves,

Or have you sought shelter

from the impending storm

unsure how to deal

with the potential damage?

Have you trudged through

the mountains of snow

bitch face frozen,

Or have you gotten

ahold of a snowmobile and

ventured your way with hot coco in


Did you find a way

to take a moment to let someone


they are important; a moment to

give someone hope, light, a

heartbeat, life?

Or did you continue to leave them

alone because it was easier?

Was it too burdensome for you to

take a moment from your day to

add a little sunlight to the day of


Deb Correia 4/30/17

Originally this was written for those who experience aloneness as the result of chronic illness, but anyone can experience what it is like to be alone through some life altering experience; surgery, illness, death of a loved one, returning Veterans, mental illness, or even the aging process.  I am merely asking that we become more aware of those who may be experiencing isolation through life changes and reach out. It does make a difference. Given the technology we have available it takes 2 minutes to leave a person feeling as if they matter. Think you can find a way?


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