Alternative Facts

wpid-20131207_181818-1.jpgCheck out @cloudypianos’s Tweet:

It is not ok that twitter feeds are being made to be taken down and that scientists are having gag orders placed upon them. The land of the free? I guess that would depend upon your definition of freedom.

People do not care about the issues unless they are impacted personally. It needs to stop being a republican and democratic thing and be a humanitarian thing. Why can’t the scientists express themselves? What is Trump hiding? No one person should be allowed to place a gag order on a group of people who have information that will benefit the population. Is that not a dictatorship? Why is there a media blackout?  These orders do not just extend to the EPA but to “agencies within the departments of Transportation, Agriculture and Interior.” Biesecker,M & Flesher,J AP) How do these steps protect us in the event of a terror attack or in general, how does the American public know what is being done to our environment with regards to harm and/or protection? If this doesn’t draw your suspicion I don’t know what will.  Flint Michigan, should I say more? Those poor people are still suffering, yet we hear not a word about them. What if that were your city? Your family? Would it be different? Well, with the gag orders it could be your family’s city in another state, but you wouldn’t know.  Not until cancer clusters began popping up.  Yes, a bit extreme, but not unrealistic is it?

Are you not seeing the early signs of narcissistic behavior that many have confused with confidence, compounded by the lies and then the denial and then the disillusion in creating a land of “alternative facts” that apparent well educated republicans have bought into, rather than confront.

Instead of singing the Beatles song We all live in a yellow submarine, we can reword it to; we all live in alternative realities, because as long as the people who stand behind this man encourage his delusions and rename his lies to alternative facts, rather than confront the realities we are headed into dangerous territories.  The man has already begun with censorship so early in the game.  That should you give you pause.

Deb Correia 1/25/17 ©


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