Double Pendulum

wpid-20140103_214901-1.jpgIn the state’s attempt to decrease Opiod dependence, and assist those who have become drug dependent the pendulum has swung the other way.  Those of us who are in genuine pain are unable to get the medications needed to manage our pain levels effectively.  As a person who suffers with Myasthenia Gravis, I deal with chronic pain on a daily basis and my pain medication is monitored tightly.  Just recently I tore my rotator cuff and was unable to get an increase in pain medication to deal with this pain.  I was told, “the state regulations want to see us decreasing the use of pain medications not increasing them.”  So, regardless of the new situation that has brought an added dimension of pain to my life along with bouts of nausea due to the increase of pain I am SOL.  The drug dependent individuals are still drug dependent, still using their heroin, still overdosing, some being saved from Narcan, while I am struggling and lost in a system that is not interested in my individual pain, but has lumped me under the umbrella of potential drug user.  Although I am not a drug user, I am suffering more than I need to be, more sick than I need to be as a result of the decision makers deciding that I do not need to be treated as an individual because they know what is better for me.

Deb Correia  © 1/14/2017


One thought on “Double Pendulum

  1. Sharp edges, sharp pain, unfair not to treat. There are no words that can help. Only prayers and understanding. I am sorry I cannot soften or ease what you are enduring. But I love you through it.


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