Who Am I?

I am a child of the most high God. In addition to that child, who am I?

I’ve lost who I thought I was; redefining myself by the day and moment. I’ve got to restructure my thoughts before my feet hit the floor. They are as cold as the temperature outside.  It is ridiculously easy to focus on the negative and my mind is more than happy to help take me there.  Those eight hours a day I spent helping others have now become devoid of purpose.  I don’t want my heart to become as cold as ice because this illness tends to take so much physically.  I fight to maintain that it does not take me down emotionally. I pray that it does not take me down.

I will fight with the Angels; the ones the Lord has chosen from the Spiritual realm to watch over me and the ones who are walking this earth with me, who have chosen to stay this journey despite its difficulties.  I will fight with my Jersey who has had to make sacrifices with me.  I will fight with my fellow warriors who suffer with MG.  When the rest of the nation is sleeping and MG has rendered us wide awake at 2:00 a.m., I am certain to find a fellow warrior awake, willing to chat.  We will fight on.  We will do what we can do and sometimes that is as limiting as typing to express our thoughts so we do not drown in our own emotions, and we will express our gratitude to those who are with us.

Thank you.

Deb Correia 12/17/2016 ©




One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. You asked who you are other than a child of the Most High. Well, that is the most important part of who you are. And yes, you are a fighter; the most self- determined person I know.
    The job you held and the things you spent your days doing are Not YOU. They are what you did. Who you are IS God’s Child and you continue to be that with or without a diagnosis and with or without your muscles cooperating with you. You are the best and most amazing friend to your friends and the most wonderful and amazing woman to your other half. All that you are has not changed because of all the ways that MG messes with you. See what we see. We see YOU. I see you. You are so greatly loved. I love you. Who you are today is who you have always been. It is how you are spending your days that has changed…but only just a little. You are still helping others and finding new ways to serve your fellow humans. You rock, you laugh, you cry, you drop things, you love. You are still you and I love you! ❤


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