More than a Day


As we honor those who have sacrificed

I feel it should be more than a day;

the battles they fight, linger

other countries, memories don’t stay.

No one can prepare you, for your going out

and little preparation for your returning home,

realizing the war is still within you

the battle has left you alone.

We cannot understand the way you feel,

it’s the brotherhood that’s got your back,

despite our efforts to comfort and console

your brothers and sisters understand the attacks.

The soul that’s been lost

the drinking to forget

We try to know what it is that you feel.

Although we are not there

and didn’t walk in your shoes

we still want to help you to heal.

So maybe together we can assist each other,

and recognize you are more than a day,

reaching out to our brothers and sisters

knowing there’s a better way.

Helping to repair wounded hearts

wanting you each to know

you matter to us every day

we only hope our gratitude shows.

Deb Correia 11/03/16 ©

In honor of our Veterans, one way in which to let them know they are remembered and respected is to take part in the Greenlight a Vet.  This can be easily accomplished by changing one lightbulb outside your home.  For additional information check out the following link Greenlight A Vet

There are numerous ways in which we can honor our veterans on a daily basis beyond thank you.  Send a card to a veteran in the hospital, send a care package to members overseas and not just during the holidays….there are organizations you can check in with if your not sure how to help.

Make a promise to yourself, get your children involved – they love to help – create a pen pal, make Veterans Day more than just one day.


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