Privacy – we do not have the privacy that we believe we have, that we have fought to have,and desire to have.  Our government has taken their own liberties and chosen to use the term “homeland security” loosely to chip away at our rights little by little.  The article written in the guardian  about the ACLU taking on Fisa regarding surveillance laws is explained further in the link provided.  Additionally, yahoo has also enacted some spying of its own as has been reported through the following site Reuters Privacy.  Thank you Kylesfyles for providing the following links.  I would not have been aware of these stories otherwise and I am a yahoo user.  Imagine my surprise to find out that my account may have been one that was scanned by the government just because they felt like it.  No one is exempt and we should be angry about it.  I wonder where that anger is?  Why are we not angry about our rights being violated and eroded by our own government so silently as we are being distracted by the Tom and Jerry show we call an election?  Access to our emails without our knowledge, access to our phone calls/messages/texts…no one cares.  Drones flying over homes spying on families or people at community events….yah I know – all in the name of homeland security…until your name, your family, your home becomes involved…the average law-abiding, gun-toting, tax-paying, citizen.  God Bless the USA alright…but I’ll say this, this business of throwing us all in the same pot to find the bad guys does not set well with me.   It would seem to me that with all the spying they have done, if they omitted all of us who do not fit into their profiles then the process of elimination should become easier, if of course their purpose of scanning is truthful and security based.


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