Midnight Battle Cry



As I lay here painfully tossing and turning, acutely aware of what hurts-where, to what extent, what type of pain, what degree, I am reminded I can take a pill.  I am trying to hold off and distract myself.  I find that National Geographic is airing the Great Smoky Mountains.  I’m torn between putting this place on my bucket list and taking it off.  The lightening bug display definitely is worth a visit, but the creepy salamanders – eh not so much.  Unlike the Momma Bear, I cannot determine which salamanders are poisonous. And how about those mushrooms that glow.  No one knows why, but that was pretty cool, and I would go to see that as well.  A great stage setting for the thousands of fireflies that come out for two weeks in hopes of finding a perfect mate, while performing an extraordinary light show for the humans.

I am distracted; the myalgia in my legs reminds me that travel is not so easy anyhow.  Good Lord, the bugling Elks before the bulls fight is like nails on a chalk board magnified – in my opinion – but I imagine there are many who delight in that battle cry.  Maybe that’s what I need, a battle cry…..that might not be a bad idea.  It might be a great way to release some frustration.  I am open to suggestions.

These magnificent parks in all their glory come to life in the spring, taking off in the summer, preparations in the fall and isolation in the winter.  The glorious landscapes now snow covered appear so desolate as the meek and the magnificent battle for survival.  Not so unlike those battling a chronic illness.  Each day is different, but the struggle is real.  Awakened your pain greets you.  The sun may be shining and your spirit may be bright, but your symptoms are going to keep you as locked down and isolated as the dead of winter.  With a battle cry (yet to be determined) we have got to fight.  People are losing their fight to this illness and people are taking their lives, so I am asking for suggestions – please come forward with battle cries; whacky, heartfelt, tribal, healing…..I do not care….anything that is symbolic of moving forward during a difficult time.

Thank you.

Deb Correia 8/25/16 ©



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