It’s Not Easy


The Spirit has been pressing upon me to forgive a particular person.  I don’t want to.  It is not that I want to hold on to my anger, and I do not think it is a gift I would be giving my self this time, but rather this person I feel is undeserving.  As I spoke that last portion, I am reminded, what if Christ felt I was undeserving of being unforgiven?  This is my dilemma. Christ experienced a great deal of pain and suffering, humiliation, and heartache, simply so that I could be forgiven.  So, what is it about forgiving others that is so difficult for us? I know for myself – in part – the person’s arrogance and denial of the wounds caused create a barrier for my wanting to extend the olive branch.  Is it not my Christian obligation?  I think it is, but I sure would like to approach it less as an obligation and something more of a desire from my soul.  How can I begin to call myself Christian if I cannot be Christ-like and forgive?  If you ever want to see the forces of good and evil at play simply try and justify why you should not forgive someone.  It will make you weary, but it shouldn’t because we know the right thing to do, whether we like it or not, we know what is right.  Does telling God I forgive this person the same as telling this person that I forgive them?  Because in all honesty, that may take a little longer.  I don’t know what it is so hard to do the right thing, it just is.

Deb Correia 8/22/16  ©


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