Not As It Appears


I don’t want to dislike this population.  They say you have an illness, a disease, often times brought on by the pharmaceutical companies or more specifically pain medication.  Now, the pain medication has gotten away from you and you’re a drug addict, a heroin addict most likely; experiencing a state of relaxation and euphoria beyond what you are likely to receive from Percocet, if taken as prescribed.  So, what does your heroin addiction have to do with me? Well, the mayor of Ithaca New York wants to create a supervised injection facility in the U.S., making it so heroin users can inject under the supervision of a nurse.  It is believed this avenue will keep people alive until resources become available.

However, for myself, it feels as if I have to fight harder for resources because I’ve fallen under the pain med looking glass.  I’ve recently been diagnosed with an illness that has no cure, but plenty of pain. Yet I feel the scrutiny and judgments when I have to call for my refills despite not giving any indications that I am taking my medications inappropriately, claiming to have lost my pills, or having my meds stolen. I am guilty of addiction because of those who went on before me.

I have heard the conversations; there are some who do not care and are willing to play Russian roulette because Narcan will bring them back to life.  All I ask for is a script that will alleviate a portion of my pain allowing me to get through my days with some sort of quality.  I realize this post will not make me popular with many because of the empathy it appears to lack, but all I can say is, we all have the ability to make choices.  I am fighting an illness that has no cure, with a less than desirable medication that has been red flagged because  of previous addicts before me.  However, it provides some substance to my life and yet, I am left feeling like a criminal when I request a refill.  Even though I am made to feel like a criminal I will fight daily for my life, despite the path you have put down before me and I hope that you will decide that your life is worth rising above your addiction and pave a different pathway.

Deb Correia 8/10/2016 ©


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