Although circular
colors imbue the struggle
troubles fade away.
Deb Correia 3/25/16 ©

The second day of IVIg went well.  The night before however, was not as smooth. The bright spot was being able to go to work and still help others.  I suppose the up side to the migraine that knocked me down was that it hit at 5 p.m. – timing is everything they say.

There is a part of me that cannot help but wonder, maybe this is a misdiagnosis as well.  After all there were two previous diagnoses to this one.  The nurse asked if I noticed any relief, “no, I did not.”  She reminded me that sometimes it takes months before people notice.  What I did notice, that I did not share with her – my symptoms were worse than they had been in a while.  I am going to contribute that to the stress of the day.  A definite trigger.  It is difficult to not be consumed mindfully by something that is so limiting on a daily basis, frequent reminders glaring from beneath a façade that tries to maintain positivity.



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