Anger exposed

explosive or passive

shreds the flesh

landing upon the soul

leaving a trail

of open wounds – festering.

Not always like a pebble in a pond,

but an earthquake

attempting to bury all

with its power.

A force so brutal

it convulses

seizing the carrier.

Recognize and refrain

from words and actions

firing shrapnel

showering upon others

like confetti.


free yourself

cleanse the infected wounds

seeping into your being

coursing through your veins

as if this anger

is a right of passage

meant to feed

the darkened heart.


eradicate this suffering

and armor of protection

which has been

built upon fear

and circulate thoughts


of an unbiased mind.

Deb Correia 3/6/16 ©

This poem is based upon a book I was reading that suggests our hurtful selves can create hurt upon others simply by our actions and words. All we really have to do is look around us and recognize that people are angry – ridiculously angry, entitled, and feeling justified in that mindset. If we could just stop before we react we would be able to replace the pain with peace, for ourselves and those who experience the ripples of our actions.


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