The Hell We Shared


Our hearts beat as one

during this hell

shadows tossed

souls lost

unable to sleep

forbidden to weep

our hearts beat as one.


It is said

you are

what happens to you

exploding bombs

worried moms

memories as dry

as the tears we cry

I cannot see

But I believe

our hearts beat as one.


Who is qualified

to understand

that in this land

it was not my plan

to lose my mind

lose my limbs

coming home

no longer fit in

but our hearts beat as one.


For you and I

we went to war

protecting others

settling scores

lost in time

yours and mine

but our hearts beat as one.


Maybe one day

we can say


is not the way

the person I was

no longer me


who I ought to be

but I know

where ever we go

you are there

because of

the hell we shared

our hearts beat as one.

Deb Correia 3/3/16 ©

I wrote this poem after attending a military “retreat.”  As the military liaison for our local mental health center, I have been honored to be part of an initiative in which we try to close the gaps and provide resources to Veterans and their families who have served – past and present.  As I thought about this, I realized those of us who did not serve will never fully understand the sacrifice that these men and woman, as well as their families have made.  I hope that we can come together in our communities, honor them and help them in the healing process.


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