How hard-headed must I be? It is said that God (or the universe), for me-it’s God- will keep repeating lessons until we get it right.  You will know when you do get it right because the soul is at peace.  During times of conflict and inner struggles I can ask myself, what would Jesus do?  A word of caution here because the answer will come and it may come swiftly, but I also know that I might not always like the answer.  Begrudgingly, heels dragging, arms flailing in mid-air while yelling NO! I don’t wanna’! I feel justified with this hurt, I deserve to be angry – let me hold onto this!

But why? The world is filled with angry people, hostile, revenge-seeking, wanting only to right a perceived wrong people.  Does anyone find peace seeking to justify anger?  Whether I swallow my grievance or toss it out to the universe the after-effects are the same, a hole in the soul.  I suppose there are lessons to be learned and although I may not always embrace them with delight, I will recognize they are necessary in order for the hole in the soul to become a whole soul suffused with peace.

Deb Correia 11/29/15 ©




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