Rising Together


Love is freedom
-unconditional freedom-
We can teach
our women and girls
to stand up and say enough!
But, it is not enough
for we must teach
our men and boys
first and foremost
tears are OK.
There is no shame in crying.
Our world is filled
with suffering and heartache
expressing that through tears
is not shameful.
Shame should come
to the man
who does not heed the word
not to the man
who is empathetic.
Rise all you men and boys
Rise for kindness and respect.
Rise for the one who can shed tears
and not for the one
who misuses his power.
Women and children
are not mere objects of control.
Rise up
Set new standards.
Tears are OK
Let’s wash our souls
Deb Correia
1/10/2015 ©

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