In That Moment


The krinkling of a wrapper
diverts my attention
to the person in front of me.
Keenly aware of my circular thoughts
I wonder
are they based upon observations or envy
because in my emotional arousal
I am experiencing stages of change.
I trudge to the back of the room.
As I reach for a bottle of water
I see the struggle of another.
Although no words are exchanged
her ambivalence echoes mine.
in that moment
we are able to walk away
in the sugar cane battle.
Deb Correia
12/08/14 ©


One thought on “In That Moment

  1. Taking One DAY at a TIME begins with taking one moment at a time. You are not the moments that tick by loudly in your mind screaming that defeat is imminent! Instead, you are a gracefilled womyn that knows no boundaries. You have grown so much and overcome a world of obstacles. This is but the newest, and you will overcome this one as you have all the others; cum laude. Blessed Be.


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