Dare to Change

She is your mother, sister, aunt or lover,

he is the stranger, father, cousin or brother.

Across the sea, around the globe,

in your neighborhood,

in your home.

Another story, another day

acts of violence

have found their way

to abuse and oppress,

cut and kill

all because

she wanted free will.

He wanted to hurt

or even maim

to bring dishonor

and great shame.

When will we rise,

when will we proclaim

in the name of your sister

mother or lover

we will no longer

hide under cover.

We will demand

changes be made

so women can live

no longer afraid.

It is time that we rise,

it is time that we say

we will not tolerate

hate on display.

© Deb Correia 6/21/2014

This writing was the result of reading new stories about women/girls being raped in India, Pakistan, Scotland and I am certain just about everywhere on the globe.  Our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, girlfriends, lovers, wives continue to be treated not as equals or even human beings, but as property or less than that – trash – something to be discarded at the hands of another. We need to demand that changes be made so that people are held accountable for such atrocities. It is maddening and saddening and it would seem we have made little progress – let us dare to change and speak up about the injustice that we see and hear of daily.






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