Well, it’s official.  As of 12/18/2013
I reached 200 followers. I am grateful to each and everyone of you. When I began this blog in January of this year I was not sure what to expect.  I only knew I wanted to reach people in a positive way. I wanted people to stop and think about the impact of their words and how we treat one another. There seems to be so much anger out there, if my words can inspire one person – well, that would be a wonderful thing. So, 202 followers, 2,019 views and 1,602 likes from 186 posts leaves me feeling quite hopeful. Please continue to stop by and I’ll continue to inspire…me & my God. People from all over the globe have stopped by; United States, Canada, Portugal, United Kingdom, Finland, India, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Egypt, Greece, Czech Republic, Brazil, Luxembourg, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Pakistan, Morocco, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Germany, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Denmark, Turkey, Oman, and France. Thank You All! Words reaching out beyond borders to all races and ethnicities, together we can do better, reaching out, being a little kinder, a little more considerate with our words and actions towards our brothers and sisters. Here’s to an improved 2014. šŸ™‚


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