Whether you can’t or won’t
I will not allow myself
to get bogged down
with the semantics.

My joy is not contingent
upon your lack
In my life.

We are not here
to live the expectation
of the other.

But rather
find our purpose and share
the light and peace
of unconditional love.
Deb Correia


One thought on “Purpose

  1. Has anyone else experienced a let down? People not measuring up or you feeling like you don’t measure up? You’ll never be good enough, do something well enough? Have you ever allowed the expectations of others to influence your own emotions? Acceptance, we all really just want to belong right? We all just really want to be loved. But, we also need to realize that the lack in our lives may not be the result of us doing or not doing something. Rather, it is the result of lack in the other person’s life. It may be their issue, do not take on the negative projections of others. Allow yourself to be…simply be you. Not who someone wants you to be….


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