The Rise

Malala Yousafzai at the United Nations

Our youth today
are throwing away
the education they receive.

Yet across the land
she takes a stand
with learning she will achieve.

So to our own
when you gripe and moan
think of life across the world.

When she rides the bus
they do not discuss
the dangers that face the girls.

And yet one day
she was on her way
singing songs as she travelled to school.

A man with a gun
looking for someone
to unleash a new kind of cruel.

He wanted the girl
who wants to change the world
equal rights for everyone.

She only yearned
daily to learn
despite the man with the gun.

He sought her out
pointed at her
before he shot her in the head.

Rising above
girls are unworthy of
and then he left her for dead.

The world did pray
for Malala that day
and she stunned them one and all.

With peace in her heart
these words she imparts
love and knowledge will bring down the walls.
© Deb Correia 10/11/2013

(Also, check out Jon Stewarts interview on YouTube with Malala and share it with your children. Let’s help our children to understand and become aware of what other children have to go through to get the education we take so lightly, especially the girls.) Here’s the link;

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