New Kind of Mean


Hey you – yah you, c’mere.
I understand you knew Rebecca, you and 14 of your other friends. Tell me, when you were hiding behind your cell phones and computers did you think it was funny picking on her? All of you against her? Did you feel brave? Did others think you were cool when you typed those hateful words and urged her to kill herself?
Yah- you didn’t think she would really do it. I’d like to believe that, but what did you think would happen? This isn’t Hollywood. Hateful words carry weight and in spite of what you might think, mean girls aren’t cool.
Come, take a walk with me, let’s go see Rebecca.  Wait? What? What did you say? You don’t want to? Why not? Not feeling so brave anymore?  I think you should come look at what being bullied by 15 people looks like.  Come see what mean, hateful words looks like to a child who knew no other way to make it all stop. Come see her mother weep. The mother who will never celebrate anything again. There will be no birthdays, driver license, prom, graduation, college, marriage, or grandbabies. There will only be this. This memory will cast darkness upon everything in her life. Yah- I see why you don’t wanna look, but I think you should come. Come see first hand the power of your words.
You could have made a difference in her life. You could have reached out and offered her friendship, but you chose not to.  Whatever your reasons or justifications you chose to be mean.
So tell me, how are you feeling now? Do you realize the depth of your actions or are you merely concerned with the potential consequences and the impact upon you only?
Oh yes, I think you and your friends need to get a close and personal look at what mean really looks like. I’ll see you at the funeral.
09/18/13 Deb Correia
After reading the story of yet another child taking their own life because of bullying, I am saddened and angry. This needs to stop!


5 thoughts on “New Kind of Mean

      • I can’t tell what is the link? I agree people do need to understand that words are powerful. We need to create more conversation around this issue. The children being picked on need to know that suicide is not an option. We need to create dialogue with those who bully as well. A secure person does not need to put down others. There is a lot that needs to be done.


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