Maybe he was never there
you didn’t know his name.
Maybe he was a dirty drunk
creating endless shame.

Maybe he betrayed you badly
malicious to the core
Maybe you preferred he die
as you walked out the door.

Maybe his words were cutting
slashing through your heart.
Maybe they cut so deeply
your ways you had to part.

Maybe you have yearned to know
a father’s endless love.
Maybe what you desire
comes from the Lord above.

Maybe once you’ve found healing
the pain, it will subside.
Maybe you can give yourself
love you’ve been denied.

© 6/16/13 Deb Correia

This father’s day I think of all those children and adult children who do not have a relationship with their father. I think of the pain they may be feeling as a result of this loss and the various ways it may manifest; anger, rage, depression, hurt, sadness…..
Some are never able to locate their father’s and others are unable to come to terms with what they feel in order to heal the relationship. These children and adult children need to know that peace and self love are possible. If you are finding the ability to love yourself difficult take it to your Father in prayer….He can help. It is only after you are able to love yourself that you will be able to fully love your own children in the same way that you once desired. Forgiveness will begin to heal the wounds.


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