Rough Terrain

A kaleidoscope
of emotions rise
obscuring the perception
of one’s affairs.

exploring this rough terrain,
I wonder
can one live
through this pilgrimage?

Can one envision the prisms,
caress the dew drops,
detect the fragrances of
seascapes, landscapes?

Can peace be obtained
or will one be too battered
from the journey
and barely survive?
© Deb Correia (originally written 2007)

This poem is 6 years old, but in light of the events over the past week I think it certainly is fitting for those who have been directly affected by the terror. However, the poem is not limited – it is fitting for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind. Whether your a war vet, victim of terrorism, victim of mother nature’s wrath, as well as other events that can and do occur in the course of anyone’s life altering the life drastically. My hope for each and every one of you is that you will go through the journey and come to a place where you can finally say – yes I am at peace with it all.


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