Night has fallen
and as I lay in bed
awaiting the sandman’s magic
I feel something.
It’s creeping,
creeping upon my face,
first on the right
then on the left.
As I become more aware
I recognize
it’s a smile.
Yep – that’s right,
a smile has crept
across my face
as I try to sleep.
I seek further validation
Is this true?
Could it be?
The furrowed brow
which usually
requires conscious effort
to relax
as a result
of the days
anxieties and frustrations
is gone.
It now occurs to me,
this smile
this unfurrowed brow
are the result of peace.
True Inner Peace,
for which I am very grateful.
© 04/03/13 Deb Correia

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do not usually find myself falling asleep with a smile across my face. Usually I find myself having to make an effort to relax so that I can put aside all that the day had brought in order to get some sleep. How wonderful it was to realize that what was occurring to me was the result of months of effort in trying to seek the positive and find a new way of living. Finally I had found peace. True, inner peace. There’s no mistaken it, that’s for sure. If you ask me today do I feel the same way, my response would be no….but I still have some level of peace. I suppose each day may be different with it’s varying degrees. I am not certain because this is all new to me, but certainly I will keep being mindful. That too is essential in achieving peace. When we are mindful to what we are feeling then we can change what we do not like. So mindfulness….I’m here.


2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Well….I guess it depends what I was doing right before I go to bed, sometimes if I did something fun I DO have a smile on my face….i think it’s only natural to lie in bed thinking about all the thoughts of the day. I usually listen to music or some audio to help me fall asleep 🙂


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