Angels Weep

Angels weep
as the sounds
of slaughtered innocence
echo through the heavens.
Salty tears
stinging, burning
the open wounds
of those who loved and lost.

Angels weep
as visions
of heroic adults
flood the heavens.
Protecting the lambs
with their lives,
gathering, shielding
from the face of evil.

Angels weep
as mourners
seeking comfort
embracing one another,
glassy eyed and addled,
tear streaked faces
pursue understanding
in the moments of madness.

Angels weep
knowing some wounds
are irreperable,
the heart forever changed,
as they gather
the babies and sisters of a nation,
the Souls of Sandy Hook.
© 12/16/12 Deb Correia

As additional news continues to come to the forefront regarding the shooter involved in this particular school shooting, I felt compelled to post this poem again. My heart continues to ache at the magnitude of such loss of innocent lives. The grief palpable.


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