Slave to the Crave

So it occurred to me today when a coworker stepped out for a cigarette, something this person has done on a regular basis, that I am habit free. I thought as she walked back in and the residual smell of a cigarette followed her – that used to be me, but now I don’t even miss it. I’m not patting myself on the back. It is a difficult addiction to break. I guess it just struck me as odd. Odd that after 2 years of being smoke free the realization dawned on me that I used to be “one of them.” kicked the habit There was no joy, no little band playing – because let’s be real, if there were a little band celebrating my passing on the opportunity to smoke, perhaps cigarettes is not the issue. I think some of you may be familiar with that commercial. Anyway, it was just a random thought that came into my awareness. I’ve been smoke free, no longer a slave to the crave. That is something I should celebrate! The best way to conquer one’s addiction, for me anyway-and I had tried several times, was to alter my routine. If I were to have a cigarette the moment my feet hit the floor, well then I would put that off and say to myself wait til you pour your coffee, then light up. If I didn’t have my cigarette until my coffee it would be, wait until you finish your coffee. Altering the routine was the most instrumental in kicking the habit. The second factor was knowing the craving would pass. Perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome was smoking out of emotion. If I was frustrated I would light up, if I was sad-I would light up. Just as knowing the crave would pass, so would the emotion. A lot of self talk was used to get me through those times. I just want you to know, that as one who smoked a pack a day for 33 years, kicking the habit can be done. Let me add, the power of prayer can take you a long way as well.


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