My Angel-My Friend

From a haunted past
demons disturb you.
You grapple day to day,
not sure if you can make it,
will you conquer it or
will it conquer you?

Then God sends you an angel
Someone who gets to know you
all of you and yet still loves you
in spite of yourself
she holds you dear.

It is not without end
demons display
destructive dominion.

You know it’s time
for this angel to fly
she must out live
before she becomes ensnared
in the ugliness that is you.

Go now angel, fly away
you encourage-you plead,
instead she holds tighter
determined-together you will overcome.
© 2007 Deb Correia

Sometimes we find as we struggle through our darkest hours that God will send us an angel, someone who helps us hold on. Yet in spite of this gift, we feel we are unworthy and our destructive ways push, determined to prove we are unworthy of having someone in our life who is – in spite of ourselves- capable of loving us, and it is this angel who hangs on determined to see us through our darkest hours.

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