One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising in Portland Maine was an amazing event. Surrounded by positive people wanting, no demanding that women all over the globe be treated with respect and dignity. No more oppression, no more abuses of ANY kind. We must continue to demand better treatment for our Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters,Sisters, Cousins, Nieces, Girlfriends, Friends…..ALL Women EVERYWHERE deserve to be treated humanely. One Billion Rising 001

One Billion Rising 002

One Billion Rising 005

One Billion Rising 010

One Billion Rising 013

One Billion Rising 020
© 2013 Deb Correia

2 thoughts on “One Billion Rising

  1. AS one who shared this event, it is a wonderful thing to note that there were men both with us and along the way that were supportive to us and who even kept us safe by watching out for traffic while we marched from Monument Square to the different sites that we did the flash~mob~dance. AS we passed the Portland Resource center a young man brought us together into a circle of acceptance and PRAYED wth us to support our cause and support our group as we brought this message of Rise,Strike, Dance to break the chain of oppression of all woman and MEN on this planet. I was taken with his empathy and kindness and boldness to pray with us. God bless him. God bless us all!


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