The following was a writing assignment in which we had to write a short blip having to do with 2 people stranded at the bus station. I attempted to use a Mark Twain kind of tone.

The snow was coming down lots at a time, big fluffy flakes, the kind that’s pretty to watch and makes you wonder how they get so big like that. I was gonna ask ma-ma, but she had that sad look in her eyes again. She been lookin’ like that since G-Maw got sick and was s’pose to go to heaven to see the angels. We went to see G-Maw just before, that’s how we end up here at this bus place. I don’t like the way it smells here. Ma-ma says that’s cuz they have lots of people come in and out. Not today though. Nobody coming in and out today. At least that’s what the man behind the window say. The man who took money from Ma-ma so we could ride the bus back home. This man he had a big belly and wore glasses and spit a little bit when he talked. I don’t know if anyone else saw that but me cuz nobody said anything bout it. He told Ma-ma bad storm’s comin’. Roads real bad, ain’t nobody going no-where tonight. He told her he got some blankets we could use. Ma-ma said no thank you we will be fine. I glad she said that. What if the blankets smell like bad cheese like this place? I’m not s’pose to be rude to people but if he gave me a blanket that smell like bad cheese I don’t know if I could keep my mouth quiet. I agree with Ma-ma we will be fine with our coats. Ma-ma brought me over to the row of chairs. They was hard and an ugly yellow. I thought yellow was s’pose to make you happy when you look at it. Not this yellow. It was like a dirty yellow, not the yellow snow yellow, cuz that’s dirty too but it’s bright dirty. This yellow is like a brown yellow. It makes you scrunch your nose up when you see it. Ma-ma told me be still and stop complaining, pay no mind to the color cuz I would only be sitting on it anyway.

I say Ma-ma come look at the snow with me, but I guess she didn’t hear me. She had that sad look in her eyes. I bet it’s cuz she’s wondering how G-Maw gonna get to heaven to be with the angels if she don’t wake up. I think that if we just pinch G-Maws nose or squeeze her cheeks together she get up so she could be with the angels. Ma-ma says that’s not how it works. I don’t really know how it works, I just know I don’t wanna see Ma-ma’s eyes sad no more. I want them to be bright like the big fluffy snow flakes.
© 2013 Deb Correia


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