The Big Game!

OK….so the big game is coming upon us, a BIG food day – second only to Thanksgiving. So tell me what are your game day plans? Are you having a party? Are you going to someone else’s home? Maybe you’re going to a bar, if so have a designated driver on hand. What are your favorite game day foods? Pizza? Wings? Healthy salad? Toasted garlic bread with melted cheese and tomatoes? If any of you have any fabulous recipes you wish to share, please feel free. 🙂



© 2013 Deb Correia


2 thoughts on “The Big Game!

  1. OK, here’s the plan: Wings, mild buffalo sauce, celery, and bleu cheese, onion rings, tortilla chips with salsa, salad and Coors Light. The picture of your tomatoe, cheese and basil salad makes me long for the summer when the tomatoes and basil can be grown outdoors. As a Pats’ fan, I am certanly not invested in this super bowl game. So, here’s to sharing the time with great food, a stress free game, and a great sweetheart to share it all with!


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