In My Mind

Strolling out to the end of the pier,
a comfortable chill in the air,
we pause-side by side,
allowing our senses
to take in the smell of salt water
and the warmth of the sun upon our faces.
I long to hold you
in an attempt to share this moment
as one,
instead, I hold you – in my mind.

Staying on the pathway
the soft crunch of gravel
buds on tree limbs,
gentle breezes,
whispering springs arrival.
I want to reach out,
take your hand into mine,
instead, we walk side by side,
but our hands clasp – in my mind.

Along the water’s edge
larger rocks are etched
by natures continuous ebb and flow.
As the tide comes in,
waves gently crashing,
creating white caps.
I want to take this moment
sit by your side
and place my head upon your shoulder,
as you place your arm around me.
Instead, we move along,
but, we are as I want us to be – in my mind.

I gaze up into the bright blue sky
attracted by the presence of a seagull,
soaring, coasting with the wind,
enjoying the freedom of this spring day,
and I think
you and I are also free – in my mind.


© 2013 Deb Correia

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