Media vs. Government

Initially when it came to the Algerian hostages I blamed the media. Then I got to thinking…there’s always a political agenda, which is why the media perspective has a slant. Once upon a time the media presented the news and the facts as the American people needed to hear it. Now it is presented as the government wants or needs it to be. Perhaps it’s not always a reflection of government either, but where ever the big money is.
What else could cause such a disparity on a single story other than government? MSN presents the Algerian hostage situation as one thing and Yahoo presents it as a different event. Am I the only one who has paid attention to this story to even notice the discrepancy? I would find that hard to believe, but someone is trying to hide the truth, and what better way to do that than confuse the people with information.
What I do know is that the events of this week have been challenging in terms of trying to separate fact from fiction. First we had the Sandy Hook tragedy vs. the Sandy Hook hoax (and rights re:gun control). Then we had the BOA hoax and the second amendment rights, and now the hostage situation. Things are getting out of hand and I believe the inadequacies, inaccuracies, and hidden agendas are to blame. This combined with a total mistrust of government has led to people reacting to the propaganda being spread and in some cases feeding into the fallacies being presented. So people I want to say to you – before you become a participant in spreading the falsification of information presented, please be sure you research and validate all information that comes to you.


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