So here’s my issue…why can’t the media get the story straight?  While cruising online news I came across 2 articles.  MSN news reported “Algerian hostage operation is over.” and yahoo reports 30 hostages killed.

So ,why is it so difficult to get accurate facts on the same story?  MSN says; 25 hostages have reportedly escaped from their captors at an Algerian gas factory. Militants claimed infidels and Christians would be killed while Muslims would not be harmed.


And Yahoo says; 

ALGIERS (Reuters) – Thirty hostages and at least 11 Islamist militants were killed on Thursday when Algerian forces stormed a desert gas plant in a bid to free many dozens of Western and local captives, an Algerian security source said.

So which is it?  


If we cannot count on the reports from the media how are we as citizens of the United States expected to know what is actually true?

What is going on? I, as an American citizen am alarmed at the amount of news that has become quite frankly b.s.

The news is no longer UNbiased.  We or I will speak for myself, I am no longer able to rely upon any particular news story as being fact.  This which I present to you is a prime example.  Two very vastly different angles on the same story.  We are talking about peoples lives.  We are talking about the loved ones of others. Yet we have the story that some are free vs. some are dead.  Are you kidding me?  I cannot believe that I have to validate and judge EVERY story that I read because of discrepancies!  What the Hell is going on?

We wonder why people are so skeptical? I am so disgusted by what I have read and heard that I can barely write!  

Is there anyone out there that feels the same way? Why are we being deceived? Clearly someone is out  to deceive us when we have stories that are polar opposites…..this is so disgusting.  I think about the families, the loved ones of those who have heard that people have been taken hostage, and then they have to read two very different stories.   This should not be happening.  I just don’t get it.

Please people – share your thoughts with me…what is your perspective?


2 thoughts on “Hostages

  1. I agree with your disgust in the accuracy, or lack of it, in media reporting. I think we all know we are being bamboozled at almost every turn. Nothing new there! Wish I could offer a safe harbor for accuracy in the news. Link TV is a start. But, they have their agenda as well. Good luck in your search for truth and justice in this, America’s Way!


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