First Snow 2013

The first snow of the year came early this morning, as luck would have it – during the morning commute. The usual 40 minute ride into work had taken an hour. The 6 a.m. white-knuckled ride had me passing several motorists who had slid from the roadway, causing the rest of us to drop down to speeds of 20. It would seem that either those vehicles were guilty of traveling too fast for conditions or the slide was a result of the vehicle not turning in spite of every attempt by the driver to do so. Those of you who have experienced this know first-hand how unsettling this can be. In that moment in time the realization comes that regardless of what you do or do not do, you have no control over what is going to happen. A helluva way to start the day if you ask me.
Once back home the back breaking task of snow removal must begin. Thoughts of wishing I were younger, or in better shape are not in short supply during this time. There’s also the wish of having a bit more money on hand to pay someone to do this for me. What do they call that ? Stimulating the economy, putting people to work? The moments taken to give the back a break are spent admiring how pretty the snow is. Looking up at the elongated, snaking branches brushed with snow is something to behold. I make a mental note to grab the camera when I’m finished shoveling.
First snow 2013 008

First snow 2013 009

First snow 2013 010
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