Grocery Store Etiquette

It occurred to me today that the grocery store lacks an etiquette protocol.  There are rules of the road, which at times are broken and sometimes there are consequences and other times not so much.  While shopping today I realized when pushing a cart I might as well be driving a vehicle.  The shoppers without the carts acted like pedestrians, dashing out in front of me, causing me to stop suddenly, then there are the mother’s in tow with their children crossing like a goose with her goslings…..patiently or not so patiently I wait for them to reach their destination.  As I come upon the aisle that carries the products I need for my Mexican themed dinner I find I have to immediately slow down.  I am wondering where the flag person might be, warning me of construction ahead.  It certainly feels like a construction crew has settled here.  Five employees in a small area, doing whatever shelf work has been deemed necessary, create a traffic cluster.  Shoppers having to alternatively grant the right of way.  And just like on the road, there are those who sneak in quickly behind the one who is rightfully going.  You all know what I’m talking about, admit it.  You’re tired of waiting, you cannot believe this craziness is occurring in the grocery store.  All you wanted to do was come out, and grab a few items before the playoff game.  You didn’t anticipate this business.  So you scoot quickly behind the person in front, pass them on the left of their cart and then slam on your brakes in front of them because you just spotted an item you realized you needed.  Admit it! We’ve all been there, done that.  You glance over at them and mouth the words, oops or sorry, and carry on your way.  So, I’m wondering, is this just a sign of the times, people busy, rushing around, trying to get in and out as quickly as possible, meaning no disrespect really – or are we losing our consideration for one another little by little?


4 thoughts on “Grocery Store Etiquette

  1. Am not sure if you have ever encountered this, but my last visit to the grocery store found me amidst a hundred and a half high school students who had converged upon the isles taking inventory while the store was still open. As if that was not enough, add the folks with cellphones dotting the isles with their unmoving presence. At one point I felt like I was in the New York Subway system trying to move through a sea of sardined people. This is sooooo not New England-ish. I am glad I was not in a hurry! It seems everyone in caught up int heir own little worlds with their own little adgendas. Not a lack of concideration, I feel, but a lack of being in the moment. Thanks for sharing your experience! It really made me THINK.


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